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Extra services included FREE with every rental courtesy of Cell Talk

Voice mail plus, gives you access to a voice mail box where messages can be left for you should your phone be turned off, or should you choose not to answer a call. A signal will appear on the screen of your phone, informing you if there are any messages waiting, so that you need not keep calling in to check your messages. Regular airtime charges apply. Messages can be picked up from any phone, not just your cell phone.

Caller ID identifies all incoming calls, (unless called from a caller ID blocked phone, or an international call.)

SMS text messaging service. All incoming messages are free. Messages can be sent from anywhere in the world via the Internet, or from other Cellular phones in Israel that have this service. There is a minimal charge for each outgoing message. Messages to any cell phone in Israel are $.12 and messages to any international phone or Bezek is $.25. Cellcom also offers its customers info messages for a minimal fee. You can sign up to receive messages related to the news, weather, stock exchange, sports, exchange rate, shopping info, traffic, etc.

Most of our phones support WAP internet access. The cost for internet access is $.05 per byte.


Overseas calls
Cell Talk offers service for international calls with direct dialing no busy signals clear connection and all this at low prices. Please be aware that all our prices are for direct dialing only which is done by dialing 00 + country code + number. For calls dialed any other way e.g. 012/013/014 etc. an additional fee will be charged.

Warranty and Insurance
All phones rented through Cell Talk are covered by Cellcom's Warranty and Insurance. The warranty plan covers any repairs needed, including replacement of any or all parts if necessary, free of charge. The insurance plan covers replacement of the phone in case of loss, theft or irreparable damage. There is a minimal deductible charged for this. Should your phone be stolen or lost, report it to us immediately so that we can shut down the line. You will be responsible for all calls made until the line is shut. Repairs can be done at any one of Cellcom's service centers throughout the country, and are usually done while you wait. We can also arrange for a Cellcom delivery service to pick up, repair and return the phone, in most parts of the country, for a minimal fee.

Customer service
Cell Talk's customer service is available in Israel at 0522-784715, and in the US at 1866 8019623. Cellcom's customer service specialists are also available 24 hours a day by calling *123 from your cellphone.


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