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Student Special

Save - All charges are charged per second and not per full minute.
All rentals come with the following free services:

w All incoming calls from anywhere - FREE
w Caller ID - FREE
w Voice Mail - FREE
w SMS text messaging Service - FREE
w Leather case - FREE
w Charger - FREE

Don't be fooled by others who advertise lower prices not including 15.5% tax!
All our prices include all taxes. All prices are in Israeli shekels. As most credit card companies charge an additional exchange rate for using foreign currency, we will transfer the total charge each month to dollars, and charge your credit card in dollars.

  Rental Rate 47 NIS including Insurance
  Incoming Calls FREE
  Local Calls 66 agurot per minute
  USA/Canada 1.20 NIS per minute
  Text messages to other cell phones in Israel 52 agurot
  Text messages to Bezek or International 1.08 NIS
  Insurance FREE

US number to ring on your Israeli Cell phone – 6 NIS per month.
There is a charge of 1 NIS per minute for all incoming calls to this number.
Delivery options, click here
There are no additional charges to other cellphones or land lines.
Student rates apply to all students studying in Israel.
Phones must be rented for a minimum of 3 months.

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