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We are pleased to offer you the best cell phone deal around.

No one wants to travel without the comfort and security of a cell phone. We provide the best service available in Israel. We have reception all around the country, clear lines, great phones, excellent customer service and low rates.  You can rest assured and remain calm, knowing that you can be reached at all times. 

If you have any problems with your phone please do not hesitate to call us.  Our customer service representatives can be reached in Israel at 02-5382647/ 0522784715.

** If your phone is lost or stolen you must call us immediately to shut down the line.   If you cannot get through to us, call customer service at *123 from any cell phone or 052-9990123 from any phone.  Any calls made before the line is shut down will be at your expense.

Cell Talk offers service for international calls with direct dialing, no busy signals, clear connection, and all this at low prices.   Please be aware that our prices are for direct dialing only which is done by dialing 00+ country code + area code+ number.  All international calls must be made by dialing 00 + country code + area code. (ex. For the US&Canada, dial 001 + area code, England is 0044 + area code.) Calls made through other international providers, such as 012/013/018 etc. have an additional surcharge per minute. Any calls placed or received out of Israel will be charged a roaming fee, subject to the rates of the local network. (In roaming calls partial minutes are charged as full minutes).  The charges can be very expensive, so use only in case of emergency. To pick up your voicemail messages dial *80 and send.  Your password is 1234#. Calls to voicemail are charged as a regular local call. Calls to toll free numbers are not free when called from a cell phone, they are charged at regular rates. Incoming Service and Information text messages (e.g. news, weather, bus schedules etc.) are not free, they are subject to additional varying charges.

Warranty and Insurance
All phones rented through CellTalk are covered by Cellcom's Warranty and Insurance. The warranty covers any repairs needed, including replacement of any or all parts if necessary, free of charge. The insurance plan covers replacement of the phone in case of loss, theft and irreparable damage, however a minimal deductible (generally between $50-$100 depending on the model of the phone) will apply. You must take extra care when hiking through water, as water damage is not repairable and will necessitate replacing the phone and paying the deductible. Should the phone become damaged, you will be responsible to take the phone into one of Cellcom’s service centers, located all around the country, for repair.  We can also arrange for a delivery service to pick up, fix, and return the phone for a nominal fee.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.(On studentrentals add 1% surcharge for American Express.) An authorization of $50 is taken when yourent the phone.This is an authorization and not a charge, just to verifythe validity of the card. Short term rentals are usually chargedwithin 2-6 weeks of return.You will get an itemized bill via email,listing all the calls made and the relevantcharges.        Long Term rentals are usually chargedbetween the 15th to the 20th of the month for the previous month's bill.        Itemized bills are provided as an extra service, andpayment is due and charged to your credit card regardless.

Responsibility of your CellPhone:
The cell phone is under your responsibility after it leaves our office, until it is returned to our office. Phones rented in the US are shipped via UPS.   If you are not home to accept the delivery please make the necessary arrangements with UPS or leave a note for the driver where to leave your package.  Once the phone is delivered it is under your responsibility.  All phones taken in the US must be returned within 3 business days after terminating your contract.  Phones must be returned via delivery service or registered mail so that it can be tracked if it fails to arrive.  Any phone returned after 3 business days will be subject to late fees. In Israel, we offer delivery and pick up of your phone from your hotel or apartment. Delivery/Pick up fees apply for this service.  Hotels will generally be of service to you and accept the phone at the front desk before you arrive, assuming that the name on your cell phone contract is the same name as your reservation at the hotel.  They will also accept the phone back at the front desk or security when you leave, so that we can pick it up.  The phone is under your responsibility until it is picked up by our messenger service.  If the phone is lost at the hotel, it will be the customers responsibility to replace it.  We therefore suggest that you ask the hotel desk for a confirmation and package number to avoid any such issues.

**Important disclaimer regarding delivery service. As the deliveries are carried out by a third party delivery service, and not directly by Cell Talk, we cannot take responsibility for any difficulties or delays with the delivery.  We use a very reputable company and are very satisfied with their service.  We will do our utmost to help you out should any problem arise.  If due to any misunderstanding, due to wrong address, phone number, wrong name, package not being found, long waiting period, hotel refusing to accept package, etc. the delivery service must make a second attempt at delivery/pick up, and charges for their services twice, we will have to relay the cost over to you.

Should you have any questions, our customer service representatives are available to assist you at all times.

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